Festivals, festivals festivals!!!

2018 The State of Indiana will be in a state of humor! Fort Wayne Indiana a town of many different types of festivals, will have 3 comedy festivals each with its own style, purpose. Bloomington will have it’s Limestone Comedy Festival. Then there’s Trial by Laughter in Indianapolis.

The first comedy festival in Fort Wayne is the D.I.D joint venture with 2 outstanding gentlemen dedicated to comedy in Fort Wayne, Kinta Dowdell and Anthony Racic that kicks off next week April 12-15 you can get their full schedule at http://mmjcomedyfestival.com plus more details.

The third comedy festival will be with another group of hard working gentlemen, equally dedicated to the city of Fort Wayne with their second festival sometime in August. Let’s Fest comprise of two young men Ryan James Ehle and Jared Busch these gents have worked tirelessly over the past four plus years to cast a spotlight on comedy throughout the city. Give these guys a room, a mic and a makeshift stage and you have a show. Watch their website https://www.letsfestftw.com for upcoming details.

That brings us to the World Series of Comedy and why I pursued it and wanted to be a host satellite. The dates for the Satellite in Fort Wayne is May 2-5. There will be 40 comedians competing to be the top three to go to the nationals which thos year will be in Florence IN!!!

There are many folks out there that frown on competitions and festivals and others that see the benefit. Personally as a comedian I get compete every other year. For me it’s the best way to be seen by clubs, bookers, and other producers of comedy. I know that had I not put myself on these festivals, my career would not have benefited the way that it has now. Enough about me.

I submitted to be a satellite because I knew as a club owner I have to be one of the judges to sit and watch 40 folks compete for feature work at my club. Why is that important? It’s important as I book the headliners that I know, I don’t watch videos and I don’t know a lot of feature comedians. I typically leave it up tp the headliners to bring their own features.

There’s a few folks who have invested on their careers to come down on a Saturday and do a guest set, as a new club owner I find myself wanting to watch them but a spill mat have happened or some other distraction has pulled me away and I miss a portion of their set.

I’m looking for great features to compliment the headliners we’re bringing in weekly I need 52 of these folks. Hopefully I’m gonna get 20 or more from the World Series of Comedy Satellite plus I plan to attend the nationals which happens in our state too! https://www-fortwaynecomedyclub-com.seatengine.com/events/21981

Get more information at the official site for the World Series of Comedy http://theworldseriesofcomedy.com

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