104th Consecutive Saturday Night of Comedy

On June 15th, 2019 the Fort Wayne Comedy Club will have its 104th consecutive Saturday night of stand-up comedy. If you’re counting, that translates to 2 full years since adding their brand of comedy to the Fort Wayne Market! The question that locals continue to ask is “Where is it and what inspired the creation of a comedy club in downtown Fort Wayne?” Let’s answer the second question first. Years ago, some influential folks in city politics had a conversation with the then owner of a local comedy club that enjoyed a 30-year tenure in the Marketplace of Canterbury. Their conversation brought up an idea to open a second location or to relocate that single location to the vicinity of downtown. While honored, the owner was in the cusp of retirement and declined the offer. Michael Moses, who is a touring comedian and show producer, as well as a Fort Wayne local, caught wind of the rumor that the club was up for sale or lease. Moses was no stranger to producing entertainment shows in the region, as he had been bringing entertainment to the Summit City since 2005. The possible end to one era of comedy in the city sparked the idea of opening his own intimate venue, and having performed across all North America, Moses had the experience to do just that. In 2017, his idea came into fruition with the grand opening of the “Fort Wayne Comedy Club.” Fort Wayne Comedy Club has flourished since its beginnings because of Moses connections within the comedy circuit. This 84 seat venue creates the perfect atmosphere for an up close and personal experience with some of the nations most renowned comics in radio, television and movies. Moses ever so humbly acknowledges that the concept of Fort Wayne Club is not all that unique. Rather, it was born from his experience of what he saw in the field. What wasn’t working at failing clubs he dismissed and what was working at the great clubs he applied to his venue, while adding his own ‘flavor’ to it. Many do not realize that the unmarked brick building, officially named @2104, houses this intimate comedy gem. Upon arriving at the building, one can’t help but feel that they’ve just been invited to an exclusive, secret club. The official address is 2104 S. Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. To commemorate its 104th show, Erica Clark (Mr. T’s daughter) will headlines. There will be a 7:15pm show and a 9:45pm show. The 9:45pm show will include spoken word poetry, by National Poet jus Will as well as hip hop jazz fusion of J Tubbs and will be hosted by Ms. Alle. For a complete listing of shows visit the website fortwaynecomedyclub.com

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