After 121 Saturdays I paid myself $200

I knew that this was not going to be an easy task, never imagined it would take 121 consecutive Saturdays before I would take a little bit of pay. Coming from a horrible school system in the steel city of Gary IN could never prepare for the future that is now my present. In Gary… Read More

104th Consecutive Saturday Night of Comedy

On June 15th, 2019 the Fort Wayne Comedy Club will have its 104th consecutive Saturday night of stand-up comedy. If you’re counting, that translates to 2 full years since adding their brand of comedy to the Fort Wayne Market! The question that locals continue to ask is “Where is it and what inspired the creation… Read More

Surprise 70th Birthday

June 23 we had 4 parties, one was a combination bachelorette/bachelor party, another group celebrated a couple of anniversaries, we had 2 separate birthday parties most notably the 70th Birthday celebration of Korean War Veteran pictured here. Show was hosted by Cortney White, featuring Tom E. Thompson, and headlined by Chris Bowers.