Every Saturday Comedy, Really just Saturday?

I receive calls several times a week from potential customers asking who’s performing today. When I explain to them that we just have scheduled comedy on Saturday they seem puzzled and often why not Thursday or Friday. I even have many comedians that I could work if I added a day ask me the same question why just Saturday?

Here are a few reasons comedy night Saturday works for us.
1) I’m still a stand up comedian and love going out on the road. Friday has proven to be good to me as a performer.

2) Most comedy club’s business plan calls for a certain amount of tickets to be given away, better known as ‘papering the room’ These venues are more interested in selling booze than supporting the actual art of comedy. Many will give away a crazy amount of tickets but institute a two (2) purchase minimum. Papering the room almost always has a negative effect. Think I’m kidding, watch what happens when a patron who is purchasing a lot of booze and food end up being unruly or disruptive to the comedians set, just see if the establishment will throw him/her out. The point is when you devalue a great product it’s logical that John Q Public will detect that.

3) As the City of Fort Wayne revitalizes Downtown by attracting more visitors and residents alike we’ve positioned ourselves to grow with the city. We are building a demand for our product. It just happens to be one day a week. Growing our business this way, places us in a good position to control our overhead.

If you have not yet visited Fort Wayne Comedy Club, why not make this Saturday your first time. Photo1

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